Quick Start to storeConnect

There is little else more satisfying than instant gratification, and getting your first product listed and live in storeConnect® gives you just that. Seeing your Salesforce product appear as if by magic on your new eCommerce website is a thing of wonder and joy best experienced with your faviourte (work safe) beverage.

The following guide will give you the basic steps on how to get your store online and products showing within categories.

Set up your store name and details

In the Salesforce AppExchange, after you’ve clicked install, follow the guide to set-up your store name and store Details.

Select the default price book for your store

You will need to pick one pricebook. If you haven’t created one specifically for your online store, you can just use the Standard Price Book.

Set up the taxonomy for your store

For full instructions on adding products to product categories, see Products Categories.

Set Page Layout Assignments

To have access to the storeConnect fields in standard objects, you will need to assign the storeConnect page layouts to your user profiles or add the storeConnect fields and related lists to your existing page layouts.

Tip: To get the quickest start, it is recommended that you use the out-of-the-box page layouts to begin with as these have all of the fields and related lists needed to complete this quick start guide.

To complete the next few steps, the above will need to be done for the following objects:

We recommend however you assign the latest packaged page layouts to the following objects as well:

For the full list of standard objects that have extra fields and, in most cases, their own storeConnect page layouts, checkout the standard objects listed here.

For help in assigning page layouts, see Page Layouts and Profiles.

Create your new product

Give your product a Price Book Entry

Each product needs a price in order for it to display on the website. You can add a price by just giving it one in the Standard Price Book as you normally would in Salesforce. Usually if you have a single store, you are using the Standard Price book.

For pricing instructions for products, see Product Pricing.

Add your product to a Product Category

Once you have some pricing in place, you need to add your product to a category so it can be found from your home page. The navigation bar at the top will automatically update with any product categories you have defined in the system.

For full instructions on adding products to product categories, see Adding Products to Categories.

Add an image to the product

The ‘Click to Upload’ link on the Product page layout is the quickest way to do this for a single product

Tip: Come up with a standard naming convention for all of your media so they are easy to find and relate to other records. Media items are not only used with products and can be used in other parts of storeConnect, like web pages, so make sure your naming convention allows for that. eg. {product code} - {short description} or Homepage - Top Banner.

For full instructions on uploading images, see Uploading Media.

For full instructions on adding images to products, see Adding Media to Products.

Preview the product before go live

Once the above is done, it can take up to 5 minutes for all the images and the like to show up in the website, but you can still preview your product by clicking the “Preview on Site” link on the product page. Go ahead and try that now.

Setting the product LIVE

Once you are happy, you can set the product live by making sure the “Active” and “Master” checkboxes on the Product are checked.

Once these are done, wait about 5 minutes and you should be able to find your product live on the website.

If for some reason you can’t, please go through the Product Listing Minimum Requirements help article and add whatever is missing to get it live or contact support and we’ll help you.


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